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You Taste Like Whiskey and Sunshine by Kimberly Love - Book Tour and Giveaway

About the Book

There's an evil queen, a demented father, some amateur boxing and a trailer park story. Even a silver fox makes an appearance. Why wouldn't that entice you?

If you are looking for something different from the rest of the books out there, something that might make you question your sanity then you will love this book


You see, my father was evil—seriously evil. During his relationship with my mother, he brutalized her and some of my siblings in ways that she won’t speak about to this day. He was often filled with rage and that rage showed in his physical violence. His brutality was never just saved for my mother. He once punched out my five-year-old step-brother; literally punched him in the face. I couldn’t even imagine what that would be like for a small child. Miss B hated him so much that her hatred poured into me from the time that I was just a toddler. She couldn’t stomach the sight of me for the simple reason that I was a part of him.
These aren’t my memories and most of which I know is fragmented, as no one wanted to talk about the man. What I know of him was learned in piecemeal over the years.

He was the kind of man who would rather see you dead than see you leave. I’ve seen several men like that while watching Law & Order. It’s shocking to know that things like that actually happened in my own family. My mom is such a great woman that the thought of her being hurt is a little hard to take at times. When my mother finally decided to get us all away from him, she had to wait until he went to work. Then, she packed up our things and left home. There was no warning; no threats of leaving him. She knew what he was like and she knew it was best to slip out without telling him.


Tell us about your current release

You Taste Like Whiskey and Sunshine is a reminder that good things can come out of the ashes of terrible experiences. Despite betrayals, lies and heartbreak it’s possible for someone to crawl out and find redemption in a new life. You Taste Like Whiskey and Sunshine is written with unrestrained honesty and it forces you to ask yourself what it means to be happy and to discover your own worth.

Tell us about the cover and the inspiration for it

Gosh, the cover took a really long time to figure out. All I knew was that I wanted it to be simple. The cover designer was trying to convince me to put a picture of myself on the cover since the book is about my life but I was not at all comfortable about that. I’m a little shy at times. In the end, we decided to focus it around whiskey since the title is based on a guy I once knew so one thing led to another and it ended up bright yellow and looking pretty badass. 

What exciting story are you working on next?

I’m just about finished a thriller actually, a story based on a serial killer that wreaked havoc in Thailand during the 90’s. I’m in the editing process, so I’m hoping to be finished it this year. 

What do you like to do when you are not writing?

Read mostly or spend time with my daughter. I write so much that I don’t have a lot of time to read, so it’s refreshing to get into a new book. I love summer days outside with my girl though, time with family is the best. 

What sacrifices have you had to make to be a writer?

Probably the finer things in life. I left a cushy job to write full-time and for a few years, it was a struggle. But I knew what I wanted in my life and now I make a lot of money doing it. So, I guess I can say it was worth it in the end. 

What’s your advice for aspiring writers?

Don’t give up. I know the struggle. I’ve lived as a “starving artist” for a while and it’s not fun by any means. But if you believe in yourself and really want to be a writer than I say never give up. It’s so much better to wake up and know that you are doing what you love. 

Any last words?

I’m very thankful to everyone that has supported me through the good times and the bad. I’m able to do what I love because of that support. So, thank you.


About the Author

Kimberly spend her days writing about serial killers and playing on her blog while trying not to get sucked in by her Facebook notifications or get into the whiskey decanter (just kidding...kinda). Check out her blog

Book Description:


There's an evil queen, a demented father, some amateur boxing and a trailer park story. Even a silver fox makes an appearance. Why wouldn't that entice you?
If you are looking for something different from the rest of the books out there, something that might make you question your sanity then you will love this book.
Seriously! The comedic and sassy perspective will make you see things differently, and you may even find yourself laughing out loud. It's a good story and one that I truly believe needs to be told. Period.
It’s dark, raw and takes you to a door that keeps all my innermost secrets. I hope that the book makes you laugh, makes you cry, and inspires you to be the best version of yourself.


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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Creating Places by Randy Ellefson - Book Blitz and Giveaway

About the Book

Creating a unique, immersive setting one place at a time.

CREATING PLACES (THE ART OF WORLD BUILDING, #2) is a detailed how-to guide on inventing the heart of every imaginary world - places. It includes chapters on inventing planets, moons, continents, mountains, forests, deserts, bodies of water, sovereign powers, settlements, and interesting locales. Extensive, culled research on each is provided to inform your world building decisions and understand the impact on craft, story, and audience. You’ll also learn how and when to create history and maps. Experts and beginners alike will benefit from the free templates that make building worlds easier, quicker, and more fun.

Learn the difference between types of monarchies, democracies, dictatorships and more for realistic variety and believable conflict. Understand how latitude, prevailing winds, and mountains affect climate, rainfall, and what types of forests and deserts will exist in each location. Consistently calculate how long it takes to travel by horse, wagon, sailing vessels, or even dragon over different terrain types and conditions.

CREATING PLACES is the second volume in THE ART OF WORLD BUILDING, the only multi-volume series of its kind. Three times the length, depth, and breadth of other guides, the series can help fantasy and science fiction creators determine how much to build and why, how to use world building in your work, and whether the effort to create places will reap rewards for you and your audience.


The term “tidal locking” will make many of us think of tides, but these are unrelated phenomenon. Our moon is tidally locked to the Earth. The same side is always facing us because the moon rotates on its axis in the same number of days it takes to orbit us. This might seem coincidental and unique, but most significant moons in our solar system are tidally locked to their planet; those nearest experience this first. Tidal locking is an eventual result caused by gravity. Early in a moon’s orbiting, it might not be tidally locked, but ours may have become locked in as few as a hundred days (its proximity and size having much to do with this).  A moon that is not tidally locked may have recently formed or been captured by the planet. Either way, the stabilization process hasn’t completed.

As world builders, we have some leeway to claim a satellite is locked or not. Most people are unfamiliar with the concept and we should only mention it if locking has occurred, as readers will assume the opposite without being told. Note that a close, large moon like ours will almost certainly be locked; during the brief period when ours was not, it and the Earth were molten and devoid of life.

Normally, only the satellite is locked to the planet, but they can become mutually tidally locked, as happened with Pluto and its moon, Charon. This means that each of them only sees one side of the other. If we stood on our moon, we’d see all sides of Earth as it rotates, but from Earth, we see only one side of the moon because they are not mutually tidally locked. If they were, the moon would stay in the exact same spot in the sky. About half the planet would see it, while the other half wouldn’t even know it existed unless traveling to the far side of the world. This would eliminate most tides (see next section) except those caused by the sun.

About the Author

Randy Ellefson has written fantasy fiction since his teens and is an avid world builder, having spent three decades creating Llurien, which has its own website. He has a Bachelor’s of Music in classical guitar but has always been more of a rocker, having released several albums and earned endorsements from music companies. He’s a professional software developer and runs a consulting firm in the Washington D.C. suburbs. He loves spending time with his son and daughter when not writing, making music, or playing golf.

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NOTE: The book series has a new podcast where even more details are discussed. This podcast is free to listen! Follow along here:

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The Oath: Maddy and Silenus by Susan Badaracco - Book Tour and Giveaway

About the Book

When her past merges with her present, Maddy is not sure what to think. Was that really an abduction she witnessed? Does she have the courage to find out?

Silenus is a unicorn haunted by his past failure to protect his charge. He trains relentlessly but is he fierce enough to protect this innocent? Will she even trust him?

Can a mortal and immortal pursue the truth together or will Maddy pay the ultimate price?

The book will be FREE during the tour


Mr. Sheldon turned slowly, releasing Allison from his grip. “Excuse me,” he said softly, ominously, “what did you say?”

Maddy looked up, caught his menacing glare a moment before his face relaxed back into a more benign expression. Slowly, deliberately, he strolled back to the center of the room, placed his hands on his hips and tilted his head in mock confusion. Maddy’s grip tightened on her notebook until her knuckles whitened. Her stomach rolled, churned. 

It was as if all noise was sucked out of the room, as if all the surrounding white walls absorbed every acoustic and left the room as bereft of noise as it was of color. She opened her mouth to answer but snapped it shut again under his intense scrutiny. He nodded to himself and pressed his lips together in irritation.

Guest Post

What would you like to tell readers about yourself

  I’m on a mission. Kids need saving and I want to help. I’m a pediatrician and over the years I’ve seen a change in the reasons why children come to the office. It used to be sore throats, scrapped knees and ear infections. Now 25% of my visits are for depression, anxiety or behavioral problems. Over the years, we’ve adapted, learned to treat these children for conditions we once consider ‘adult’ problems.
  But then I went to a conference and heard one of the speakers make a comment. He said that children keep throwing themselves into the river and pediatricians keep jumping in to save them. He stopped for a moment, giving us time to see the imagery, before continuing. Someone should go upstream and stop them from jumping in the first place, he pointed out. 
  I have several goals. 
  I want to write books that empower children, especially girls. One half of girls will lose their confidence by puberty. That needs to change. I want to write books with characters who demonstrate persistence, strength, responsibility…honor. That’s right. I want to brainwash our children into believing they should have the same virtues. 
  Secondly, I want to donate to charities that help and protect children. All of the proceeds of this book go to the Children’s Advocacy Center where they work to convict sexual predators and counsel their child victims. Once you hear their stories, you can’t get them out of your head. 
  Lastly, I want to write great books. This only works if I do. I’ve read about writing, attended conferences, hired an editor…done my best to provide the reader with an enjoyable experience. One I hope they want to repeat….

About the Author

Susan Badaracco is the author and independent publisher of “The Oath: Maddy and Silenus”.
In her real life, she is a pediatrician at Kids First Pediatrics where she routinely consoles anxious moms, retrieves interesting objects hidden in ears and laughs at made up knock-knock jokes.
She lives with her husband, a dog (ADHD is not limited to humans) and a cat. Her daughter and son both made the unfortunate decision to grow up which means she travels more than she used to.

Susan Badaracco Author Information




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